Ugo Monye Embraces Opulence With It’s First Collection In 2022


Menswear designer, Ugo Monye, has once again weaved his magic as the eponymous label drops their first collection for 2022 titled Opulence.

The collection was inspired by the three main materials carefully and intrinsically used in the making of the pieces; Pearls, Aso oke, and Velvet. These three individually, represent and depict affluence, substance, luxury.


“I have used Aso oke and Velvet severally on previous designs and collections,” the designer explained. “They have always been a staple in my creative work and recently I took a keen liking to pearls for their uniqueness and in the way they are. It’s amazing how it is viewed as feminine in its essence but in history, they were worn by royalty and given as gifts to dignitaries. So for this collection, I needed to create a fusion of all these three materials of Opulence and prestige to create magic. Showing also, that all three can coexist without conflict by virtue of what they depict, when worn, without the fear of looking ‘too much or too extra.'”


Styled by Oluwatosin Ogundadegbe, the designer chose pastel, earthy tones to combine with the materials to create the beautiful and artistic pieces making the collection a real work of art. Ugo Monye added that warm tones remind him of ease and effortless opulence. Given that these are not colors or materials you would associate with men or men’s clothing, the designer needed to create something for the eccentric man who has a taste of understated luxury… Opulence. Continue clicking to see the full collection.

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