10 Times We Liked Zainab Balogun’s Outfit And Haircut Simultaneously

Zainab Balogun may not be a regular name on our style record, but if you’ve been keeping tabs on the renaissance woman, there’s just something distinguishingly fashionable about her. And in case you’re wondering why we’re calling her a “renaissance woman,” she’s an actress, model, television presenter and she’s about to be crown a shorthaired heroine. 

While Zainab’s hair will always be remembered, there are countless times she blended it with her stylish ensembles that gave us the definitive proof that “women with short hair are really sexy.” Which means when you’re out there running around and looking for a hairstylist to fix your hair, the media girl is already set for the game. Here, we’re archiving 10 of her stylish outfits. Keep readind by clicking through the gallery. 

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