7 Outfit Ideas Worth Investing In This Year

The year 2021 may not have been the best year but 2022 comes with so many hopes and dreams. If not for anything, everyone is returning back to the office, or at least, life is much better than the past two years. So far, there’s no denying people are no more stuck at home, leading us to prioritize our going-out wardrobes over pajamas.

As our obsession with great outfits shows no signs of slowing, please allow us to guide you into the world of wardrobe overhauling by investing in the pieces that really matter. Whether it’s your workwear or off-duty chic, these are must-have pieces.

1. Green Blazer


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Regardless of the season, the green blazer has found a permanent spot in the sea of style stars. The vibrant hue unapologetically grabs anyone’s attention at first sight and complements just about every personal style — no wonder why it’s on top of the list of every style star. The best part is that this blazer is versatile, which allows you to dress up or down. 

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2. Tonal Dressing

Before the end of 2021, we already had enough of the year but not when it comes to tonal dressing (a.k.a one-tone dressing). In fact, one thing 2021 has thought us is that the easiest way to look polished and put-together is embracing the one-tone dressing. You probably must have seen it everywhere and thanks to celebs and style junkies who made this fashion trend ruled the roost. 

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3. Light Blue Pants


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The classic black work pants can never go out of style, but if you are not growing tired of them already, we surely do. How about a pair of light blue pants added to your workwear rotation? The soft and unique hue is sure to inject some freshness into your wardrobe.

4. Boyfriend Shirting


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For many style stars, boyfriend shirts are their go-to off-duty staple. It’s a modern-day fashion that allows you to demonstrate your personal style and depending on the styling, it works perfectly with trousers, shorts pants, and skirts. As for those days you literally have nothing to wear, the boyfriend can be a lifesaver. 

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5. The Pinstripe Woman


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The Pinstripe woman

The days of the pinstripe trend are not over and not anytime soon. In fact, the classic trend gained serious momentum last year with fashion girls playing dress up and dress down with the look. Whether you coordinate the look, pair it with jeans, or opt for short pants, it’s a must-have trend.

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6. Oversized Blazer


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Even with a closet filled with cute pieces, sometimes it’s difficult to figure out what to wear. This is where the oversized blazer comes in. A piece that pairs very well with literally everything. Think t-shirts, crop tops, shirts, skirts, and any type of pants. Just like the boyfriend shirt, the oversized blazer is also a lifesaver and can take you right from the office to the happy hour. Now is the time if you don’t have it yet.

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7. Fresh Denims


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Fresh denims

Whether the shirt or pants, denim jeans are arguably the most versatile and long-lasting item in any wardrobe. We can’t live without them as they are perfect for work and play. Invest in sophisticated pieces to add freshness to your looks.

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