5 Things To Wear During Your Lazy Days


Everyone has experienced the lazy days before and it’s just inevitable that it comes unannounced. Sometimes, after completing the 8hours of sleep for the night, you find that the bed is just where you want to be. This may not simply be as a result of stress, depression, or lack of sleep but for some, it could be the anxiety of facing a challenging day or a natural circumstance. But whether you’re facing a dysania problem of finding it hard to get out of bed in the morning or just getting washed with the feeling of pure laziness, make time for yourself with uplifting things to try, do or watch. For us in fashion, a certain outfit can spark up the mood, and below are 5 outfit inspiration to try during your lazy days.


1. Wear a blazer over leggings


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Those days that nothing seems to be interesting, just throw on a blazer over your leggings and see the magic.

2. Spend your day in a cute chequered swimwear.


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Let’s just pretend I’m poolside 🍒

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While we can’t obviously hit the beach these days, it’s okay to play around at home in a pair of chequered swimwear. It will not only boost your mood but conjure up the summer memories. If you need a piece for yourself, grab a similar one below.





3. Spend your entire day in leggings and bralette top.


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Those days you’re just too lazy to go out, leggings and bralette top are awesome. You’d feel the energy of working out and that’s a step forward.

4. A day in an oversized sweatshirt and short sweatpants is not only chic but trendy.


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Haven’t worn shorts in ever.

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Movement is still restricted in some parts of the world but this look will surely make you want to go out and be with the girls.

5. Team a skirt with a pair of boots


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Putting together a great outfit is not an easy feat. For this reason, make it an excuse and dress up your favorite skirt ensemble with a pair of boots for a refreshed laidback look.



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