Common Laundry Mishaps You Need to Know and How to Avoid Them


Starting a load of laundry is the last resort for some people. Unless they run out of clean underwear, they would rather spend time doing anything else. While that’s a mistake in its own right, you should learn some of the other common laundry mishaps and how to avoid them.

Sort Clothes by Their Material

The standard is sifting through your dirty hamper and separating your darks and whites. However, you should also divide your dirty clothes based on their material. You can’t clean heavier items, like jeans and coats, as easily when you mix them with lighter clothes, like blouses. Next time you gather your dirty clothes from the bedroom, if you keep them there, don’t just dump everything in the machine. Instead, diligently separate the items and do smaller, quicker cycles for the best results.

Extra Detergent Doesn’t Mean It’s Cleaner

One would think that using an extra pod or more detergent will make your clothes even cleaner. Possibly to your surprise, that isn’t accurate, considering overusing detergent leads to more dirt and bacteria. The extra suds keep articles of clothing from being spotless.

Ignored areas, like the collar of a shirt, might stay dirty if you use the wrong amount of soap. The best strategy is to use a small amount and adjust accordingly. It’s easier to add more than take out excess detergent.

Permanent Press Is Your Best Friend

Your dryer has plenty of settings to select when you want to start it up. The two most common options are using a time or choosing the “more dry” option. However, the best choice when you’re drying your clothes is to use the permanent-press feature. If you want to have wrinkle-free attire for the day and don’t have the time to get out the steamer and the ironing board, go ahead and try the permanent-press setting.

When a Problem Comes Along, You Must Zip It

Zippers tend to have a mind of their own when mingling with your other clothes in the washer. The best defense to keep your zippers under control when washing clothes with them is fastening them to the top, shielding them from snagging on other items. You don’t want your favorite shirt to look like you took a pair of scissors to it, so keep the zipper closed.

You Don’t Want No Scrubs

In the same vein as overusing detergent, you also don’t want to overdo it when scrubbing your clothes. We often panic if an unfortunate spill or dribble drops on your shirt, causing us to vigorously scrub at a feverish pace. Unfortunately, the only thing you’re doing is spreading the strain further and damaging the fabric. As an alternative, carefully dab at the stain and put it in the washing machine as soon as possible.

Before starting the next load, don’t forget these common laundry mishaps and how to avoid them. Following these tips will help keep your clothes intact, smelling fresh, and in the same color as they went in.




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