Why You Should Start Investing In Vegan Handbags


As the world becomes more and more conscious of the environment and the impact that humans have on it, the demand for vegan products has increased. So, what exactly is a vegan handbag? A vegan handbag is a handbag that is made without any animal products. This means that the materials used in making the bag are all synthetic (usually nylon, polyester, or canvas) or come from plant-based sources instead of real animal skin.

The benefits of owning a vegan handbag are twofold. One of which, you can be sure that no animals were harmed in the making of your bag. Second, vegan handbags are often more environmentally-friendly than their leather counterparts. And for a variety of reasons including its sustainable advantages, many designer brands have chosen vegan leather as a first choice for making sleek shoes and handbags and this has been going on for quite a while. Oh well, the vegan handbag is a wonderful choice because it is completely cruelty-free in addition to being environmentally friendly. There are a couple of other reasons why investing in Vegan handbags is a good idea — keep reading to find out more and also see our recommendation if you’re considering investing in a vegan handbag.

What is a Vegan Handbag Made Of?

Premium faux leather is often used to create vegan bags. The existence of vegan leather and the fact that it can be found in suede or other materials may surprise you. According to Peta, the two plastic polymers polyurethane (PU) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) are used most frequently because of their wrinkly texture, which helps to mimic the appearance of real leather. Vegan handbags can also be created from a variety of natural materials, including cork, other fruit debris, pineapple leaves, and apple peels. Depending on the original material, the techniques for producing them vary but are simple to carry out.

Why you Should Invest in a Vegan Handbag

1. Vegan Handbags are Cruelty-Free

This is the major concern for the vegan alternative.  I mean, the obvious drawback to buying real leather in the first place is the fact that you’re contributing to animals dying for fashion’s sake. When wearing your well-fashioned vegan handbags, you don’t ever have to worry that an animal was killed for you to have that accessory. Simply put, wear vegan handbags; Live guilt-free.

2. They are Budget Friendly

Without a doubt, vegan leather is quite kind to your dear pockets! You can easily choose a vegan handbag that matches both your style and your budget thanks to the variety of options available out there. So, before settling on the ones you wish to purchase, take your time looking through your options.

3. They are consistent in color

High-quality vegan handbags are produced with more color consistency than genuine leather ones. They’ll last longer and give you good value for your money for a long time as a result.

4. Vegan Handbags are Environmentally Friendly

The idea of “veganism” includes environmental preservation in addition to the moral treatment of animals. In comparison to a leather tannery, making a vegan leather handbag uses fewer resources and creates a lot less air pollution.

5. More brands are going Vegan

With the propelling and practical influence of animal activism, the global fashion industry has witnessed brands and popular designers such as; Stella McCartney, Angela and Roi, Moenn, and more, adapting to vegan designs and investing hugely in it.

Initially, it seemed like a failed adventure but this was prior to the campaigns launched against killing animals for fashion items. Now, in recent years the vegan leather market has skyrocketed and is estimated to be worth over $85 billion by 2025, according to the latest statistics.

6. With Vegan leather, You Get Different styles and several options

You can choose a vegan leather designer handbag from a range of designs depending on what best meets your needs. These bags’ stylish and upscale options will have you wanting more.

Looking to adopt vegan handbags? Check out our list of some of the most popular vegan handbag designs. All of these designs wouldn’t spare your outfit an extra spark of style, thanks to their sheen and craftsmanship.


The Gather Bucket Vegan Bag

How would you sum up blended elegance? The chain-link vegan handbag by Nanushka is really stylish and would go well with the perfect evening wear.



Agave Triangular Tote Bag

This two-toned vegan leather bag from ‘Santos by Monica’ is the epitome of a “go-to” and is handcrafted from cactus fibers with a lining made from 100% Organic Cotton.


The “Frayme Zipit” Vegan Leather shoulder bag by Stella McCartney

This vegan brown bag is expertly crafted in Italy from supple vegetarian leather and embellished with Stella McCartney’s signature chain links.




Altuzarra Watermill Crossbody

The “Watermill” crossbody bag is made of raffia straw and embellished with the brand’s trademark vegan, ‘cactus leather’ accents.


Senreve Maestra convertible bag

This vegan made-for-work bag by Senreve easily converts from a backpack to a satchel.


Mini Fringe-Trimmed Macramé Vegan Leather Basket Bag by Yuzefi

For a bolder, more homemade aesthetic, try replacing a basket or raffia tote with this woven vegan bag with fringe. It may be also used frequently throughout the summer.


Hozen quilted mini-duffle bag

Check out this portable quilted duffel bag by Hozen. It is made with recyclable plastic, hemp, organic cotton twill, low-lead brass hardware, vegan glue, and vegan polyurethane that is non-toxic and water-based. 


Themoirè Hera shoulder bag

Together with its beautiful design, Themoirè combined the use of environmentally friendly, sustainable, and fashionable accessories made of biodegradable, recycled, and regenerated materials in manufacturing the bag.




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