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For many of us, keeping up with time isn’t a big deal anymore. There’s a smartphone that keeps us in touch with business, friends, and family, and simultaneously keeping up to date with time. Of course, this is what we all need and the wristwatch, somehow, becomes obsolete. While the birth of mobile phones has played a significant role in our day-to-day lives, it is undeniable that wristwatches really does rule the roost when it comes to timekeeping. But how, you ask? Have you ever seen a doctor who checks the time from his phone in the surgery room? Or how sloppy does it look for a soldier at the war front checking his time from his phone?

For us in fashion, wristwatches are part of the accessorizing game. It helps to express not only our personal style but class and opting for the appropriate timepiece guarantees to complement the outfit. That’s exactly where Nordgreen Watches comes into play. Headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, and with its aesthetically pleasing designs, the Danish brand creates timepieces that speak to the soul. It’s sleek, minimalistic and at a glance, conveys an aura of elegance.

Photo: Nordgreen
Photo: Nordgreen

Apart from that, there’s an intention behind every element of Nordgreen Watches, with each having a different story to tell—from the name and mission to the detailed production of each piece. The brand’s name is a tribute to the Scandinavian heritage as well as a nod to sustainability. This is evidenced in its collections that boost simple and modern classic watchmaking, and whether you choose the women or men’s collections, you’re set to conquer the day regardless of the mission or destination.

Photo: Nordgreen

But one thing Nordgreen appears to miss is that there are no chronograph watches for women. Having seen an array of this version of watches in the men’s collection, it’s hard to understand the lack of inclusion. We just think the message Nordgreen is sending to consumers is that timepieces with these precision standards are basically for the men. That’s not right though because women do wear chronograph watches as it sometimes adds some tough-girl swagger to the outfit.

However, the Nordgreen watches come in great designs and colors. We are talking about feminine and masculine in aesthetic—from gold chains, rose gold, silver to gun mental. The leather straps are also in varieties, with each watch sold along with interchangeable straps. This means that every Nordgreen watch comes with a free extra chain and a leather strap (some even comes with two straps), making it a versatile timepiece option.

Photo: Nordgreen

While minimalism is one of the defining factors for the brand’s creations, everything about the interface is pretty simple, featuring a clean dial with a date indicator for ease of reading. The chronograph, on the other hand, is busier, offering multiple dial interfaces for the stopwatch, date, and time. To add more icing on the cake, in 3 years of operation, the Scandinavian brand has already received more than 4000 rave reviews from customers, thanks to the designer, Jakob Wagner, who according to the brand, ‘strikes the perfect balance between minimalism and functionality and his artistry in embedding Danish values into everything he creates.’

Nordgreen Watches retails between $184 to $289 with free shipping, and when you make a purchase, you contribute to their philanthropic program—a cause that promotes good health, a clean environment, and free education for the less privileged.


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