How The Pandemic Changed The Way We Wear Makeup


We are over a year into the global health crisis and we have all made adjustments to keep ourselves and our communities safe and healthy. One of the subtle changes we have made is in the way we wear makeup day-to-day. Here are five ways the pandemic has affected the way we wear makeup.

1. Fresh & healthy:

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Since health and wellness have become such a focus for society lately, there is a big push to wear makeup that emphasizes a natural, fresh and healthy look. The no-makeup makeup process is all about a good blurring primer, a light, and dewy foundation, going easy on the concealers and powders, and adding a touch of blush and mascara. Keeping things low-key will ensure you’re looking like the best version of yourself – the picture of health.

2. Skincare:

Going hand-in-hand with the rise in popularity in wearing little-to-no makeup is the importance of skincare routines. Many people are going out without makeup, which solves the problem of the product getting smeared, or rubbing off under masks. Additionally, there are lots of people who are having increased breakouts and skin issues related to wearing masks throughout the day, and so they are looking for ways to get their skin under control. There has been a big skincare trend toward smaller companies, and also companies with natural ingredients.

3. All about the eyes:

How The Pandemic Changed The Way We Wear MakeupPhoto: Chalo Garcia/Unsplash

Since a lot of our time out in public is spent with the lower half of our faces covered, makeup looks have become all about the eyes! The eyes are the window to the soul and are now the most visible way you have to communicate and express yourself. Eye looks during the pandemic have embraced big, bold, vibrant looks that draw attention. We’re seeing a lot of people trying out bold colors, imaginative eyeliner, and dramatic lashes. 

4. Zoom looks:

The onset of the pandemic has resulted in many of us working from home. When we log on to Zoom, or other virtual platforms, to have meetings, we have seen a trend toward looking more “put together” but with minimal effort. The easiest ways to achieve this are by adding a pop of color with some lipstick and ensuring you look alert and attentive with some volumizing mascara, beige eyeliner in the waterline, and some groomed brows.

5. Lipstick & masks:

Having to wear masks in public is a small price to pay for keeping the community healthy, but it has also affected makeup trends. While bold lipstick looks are beautiful, and popular for Zoom meetings, the opposite is true for going out in public. Searches for lipstick looks are down dramatically over the past year. This trend makes sense. Why waste effort and product for it to be covered and rub off under a mask?

It will be interesting to see which of these trends stands the test of time after the long-term effects of the health crisis on society have relented. As with all trends, things change with the times. For now, we need to recognize that time and health are precious, and it is important to spend your time doing things that make you happy – like rocking some bold new eyeliner!


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