Kim Kardashian Looks Like The Khaleesi In Her Brand New Blonde Hair


Kim Kardashian is always full of drama — is either she whips out a questionable fashion statement, climbs a tree completely naked for a photoshoot or shocks her fans with a striking new hairstyle like she did yesterday. 

Looking like the Khaleesi, Kim stormed the New York Fashion Week last night, squeezing her figure into a super tight latex strapless dress, but it was her hair that really had eyes wandering. The reality sported a platinum silvery blonde which her hairstylist Chris Appleton, confirmed it wasn’t a wig, but actually a dye job. 

Kim’s new blonde locks come after she reportedly spent 21 days back in 2015 to investigate whether blondes do actually have more fun, and here she is proving it in 2017. But Appleton further advises that should want to go blonde, “go to a professional. It’s a big transformation and if not done properly, [it] can do extreme damage to your hair.”

According to him, Kim’s latest transformation is not “your regular, run-of-the-mill platinum blonde”. “We made it more of a silvery white which I think gives it a really cool, unexpected edge.”


kim Kardashian platinum blonde hair nyfwGetty


kim Kardashian platinum blonde hair nyfwGetty


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