Here’s Why You Should Wear Natural hair – According To Monalisa Chinda & Omoni Oboli


Natural hair is now the trend-of-the-moment. In fact, it’s easy to see why women, including Nollywood celebrities are ditching their relaxed and extension hair for Natural hair. If you ask us, we’d say that maintaining a relaxed hair is not a piece of cake. Fact: it requires a regular trip (weekly or biweekly) to the saloon which can be very expensive.

 However, while natural hair is praised and encouraged, it requires a strict regimen to keep it looking its best. To get the real details, Punch Newspaper recently had a chat with Monalisa Chinda and Omoni Oboli, who are living their lives on natural hair. Here’s what they said:


Photo: Monalisa Chinda

“I don’t go to the salon, I do home service. Because I make my hair once a month, it takes about five hours. Now that I only wear my natural hair, it has been reduced to two hours. It is because my hair started wearing out because of too much relaxer, I needed to let my hair breathe. Honestly, ever since I started wearing my natural hair, I have decided not to go back to perming.” — Monalisa China


Photo: Omoni Oboli

“It brings out my natural beauty better. I have been carrying my natural hair for two years now. I don’t think relaxer is for me again. I will likely not relax my hair again. I like my hair the way it is now; I don’t see myself changing it anytime soon. Maintaining it is not an easy process though. It likes a lot of moisture. I use different kinds of oil like coconut oil and castor oil. I also use live-in conditioner. I take care of my hair myself, I don’t have to go to the salon. I will never get tired of taking care of my hair.” — Omoni Oboli


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