Cardi B Wore Her Hair in Red Space Buns and it Looks Cool


Just like mere mortals like us, Cardi B is living her life and staying safe at home. Of course, everyone is all about social distancing and home is the safest place to stay now but we can’t overemphasize the boredom. While some of us are glued to social media, bookmarking every stylish ensemble descending the feed, some are learning their popular TikTok dances. As for Cardi, it’s all about goofing around at home and sharing the video on the ‘gram.

This time around the singer shared a video and inside it, she could be heard ludicrously talking and screaming. In the video, she wore a camisole top and a dramatic makeup. She also sported a crimson red hair styled into jumbo space buns. Admittedly, the mother-of-one looks cool but according to her, she doesn’t know why.

I don’t know 🤷🏽‍♀️,” she captioned the video. “I just like my hair here ❤️….Stay safe guys …Remember to drink lots of hot liquids and avoid foods that will give you mucus.”

This isn’t the first time Cardi is sporting a red-hued hair though but since she’s capable of rocking just about every color, it makes sense that she opted for this sporty style. It’s the cool-girls’ favorite and easy to do it yourself.

To achieve the style, gather your hair from each side into a high, tight ponytail. Then proceed by coiling each ponytail around itself and secure with a few bobby pins. At this point, the bun is already forming but you need to yank it outward for the volume.


Anita Jose
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