Rita Dominic Is Already Showing How Her Wedding Gown Will Look Like

I’ve always looked at Rita Dominic as one who would make a beautiful bride, considering how many times we’ve swooned over her red carpet looks. But I have to admit, the actress is very unpredictable and conservative — year in, year out she leaves no sign of marriage or even a sneak peek of her man. Which is why, when I saw pictures of her in a wedding gown this morning, I screamed the hell out of my life. But sadly, I was pranked after getting to know it wasn’t a real-life wedding.

Though I don’t know when or if Rita Dominic is getting married, but seriously, the actress will make a beautiful bride. In a BTS images of a new comedy movie “In Case of Incasity,” Rita Dominic plays the role of a bride and she is seen wearing a gorgeous wedding gown, veil, and silver earrings. With these looks, the actress just gave us the complete imagery of her big day. Keep scrolling to see the photos:


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