5 Ways To Style Your Scarf This Summer For Chicer Look


Summer is here and it is the right time to update your wardrobe with the finest trends. But before you wander around in search of new clothes, why not just refresh the wardrobe that you already own. Yes, this summer why not make the best out of your scarf or get some new ones and pair them with all your clothes. This is the best idea to save money from spending it on summer dresses, shirts, etc, and instead, invest in some beautiful scarves which are affordable also.  

So, now let us get inspired with some fashion tips which will surely help you look the best without spending much money. Learn how you can style the vintage scarves this summer to make yourself look chicer.

How to Style a ScarfPhoto: Layersofchic.com

1. Swing it with a Dress

Why not layer nice vintage cotton or rayon scarf with solid summer dresses or vice versa? You need to very careful while you pair up a scarf with dresses, as you surely do not go over the board with too many pop-up colors. One can simply tie the scarf around their neck and point it down in the front.

How to Style a ScarfPhoto: Instagram/asya.anokhina

2. Try Different Hairstyles

Loose hair is a big no-no in summers, so why not try different hairstyles with the scarves. You can make a very famous ponytail with the help of a scarf by tying it around. This style is perfect when you want your hair to stay off your face but also at the same time want to look stylish. Other than this you can also make a top-knot or tie it as a headband for looking stylish.

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3. Use it as a Handbag Candy

It is not a compulsion to tie scarves on your hair or snuggle them around your neck. As recently many actresses and fashion influencers came up with using scarves as bag candy. For all those who did not understand, now you can tie these scarves onto the straps of your handbag and still flaunt it. This is mostly done when you are wearing some solid colored summer dresses or suits along with a plain handbag. Adding a tinge of pop-up colors is always a good idea.

Photo: Fashionedchic.com

4. Cover up the off the Shoulder Top

We all know that off the shoulder tops leave us with a lot of skin show and that too collar bones. People often wear chokers to add a break to the bare skin but you can do the same by wrapping a brightly colored scarf around your neck with its ends free.

How to Style a Scarf For SummerPhoto: Puttingmetogether.com

5. Nude Neutrals

Ladies are obsessed with nude colors, be it in the shirts, pantsuits, or summer dresses. You can make this look more soothing by adding a nude-colored scarf onto your outfit for uplifting your style.

These were some tips and ideas of how you can wear the vintage scarves this summer to look way more gorgeous than the last ones. You need to make sure to try these looks and step out of your house this summer. Ladies, beware as people around you are going to go gaga over your fashion statement.


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