Rihanna Will Make You Want To Wear A Sweater With Sneakers Without Pants

When it comes to style, we love Rihanna for the fact that while many of us are busy following trends, the 28-year-old singer and fashion maven is busy creating them. Just take a look at her — she’s never been afraid to take risks and in return pulls them off like a true style maven. Her latest look, is of course, what we’re dying to try out as soon as the hot temps subside.

Rihanna wore Vetements hoodie sweater, Mason Margiela embellished buckle sneakers with Gucci Little William embellished ribbed cotton blend socks, while carrying her dreadlocks and this Louis Vuitton Palm Springs mini backpack. While the embellished ribbed cotton-blend socks added a touch of color to the look, the sneakers were a perfect choice for a relaxed glamor and we’re counting on the look for a perfect chilly, fun evenings and weekends. Keep scrolling to see the look (then shop her sneakers and socks they sell out):





Mason Margiela embellished buckle sneakers — $705


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