This Is The Best Way To Properly Care For Your Lingerie — According To Expert


You’ve tried showing your lingerie that you care; washing them every time after each wear and giving them the best spot delicate items deserves in your wardrobe, but all those practices may be carried out in the wrong way. Don’t worry, we’ve been there too. The way you care for your undergarments can have a huge impact on how long they last, that is why when we saw an expert advice on how to properly care for your lingerie, we couldn’t wait to share for you to take note, too.  

As a marketing and brand director of the lingerie label Journelle, Allison Beale knows exactly what works. The 5 tips she gave Bustle about caring for delicate lingerie is worth taking note, so you can go ahead and do what’s right. Curious to know? 



1. Do Not Wash Your Bras After Every Wear

While we always feel like it’s proper to wash our clothes after each wear, Beale pointed out that when it comes to lingerie, regular washing should be minimal. “It sounds a little unsanitary, but bras don’t need to be washed after each wear, said Beale. “Constant washing can actually break down the materials that provide support and can damage the bra’s structure.”

2. Hand Wash Your Lingerie

We all know that washing clothes with machine is not time consuming, but for lingerie, Beale suggests hand wash — which should be done after six to seven wears. According to her, it’s not as labor-intensive as you might think. Simply fill a basin with lukewarm water and a cap full of delicate lingerie wash, and swirl your bras and lingerie through the soapy water. Once finished, gently wring out the excess water and lay flat to dry.



3. Do Not Use Machine To Dry Your Lingerie

In this case, the heat can ruin the elasticity of the garment, so, rather than machine dry, the sunlight can be useful.  


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4. You Bras Needs a Proper Stacking.

When it comes to bra, a proper arrangement is vital. In this case, Beale calls it “spooning”, which simply means arranging them in a way for the cups to spoon one another. The idea is to avoid the cups crushing beneath each other.


5. Hang Your Lingerie

If you’ve been hanging your shirts, bras are best kept by hanging too.



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