Helpful Fashion Tips That Will Make You Look Dapper


If you find yourself looking through your closet and struggling to find something nice to wear, it may be time to take your fashion sense to the next level. It may seem overwhelming, but all you need to do is learn how to look dapper.

This helpful guide is here to give you fashion tips that will have you excited to get dressed in the morning. Get ready for a whole lot of compliments once you step outside.

Let’s get started…

What’s Your Budget?

The first thing you need to do is consider your budget. Even if you’re shopping for clothes that don’t have a high price tag, sprucing up your wardrobe can quickly add up. That’s why you want to know exactly how much you can spend.

Once that’s figured out, you can start looking at the type of brands in your price range. One thing you want to remember is that you should always choose quality over quantity. It may be tempting to spend all of your money on more items, but dapper fashion is all about high-quality material.

Don’t be afraid to check out thrift or vintage shops! They tend to be more affordable but have a curated selection of reliable garments. You can get brand-name wardrobe staples at a fraction of the cost.

Check Your Style Icons

Some people know that it’s time for a new look but aren’t sure where to start. Masculine fashion is not an easy world to navigate, and you don’t want to spend money on anything you won’t end up wearing. That’s why it’s important to look at your style icons for inspiration.

If you don’t have any style icons at the moment, the internet will be a big help. All you need to do is search for men’s fashion and see what pops up. Save the images of the men you find the most stylish.

These images will serve as inspiration when you start browsing for your own clothes. Don’t get discouraged if your style icons can afford really high-quality items. You can easily find alternatives that work with your budget.

Invest in a Nice Jacket and Shoes

Regardless of your budget, there are two items that you’ll want to spend good money on. The first is a jacket and the second are shoes.

A well-fitted jacket will smarten up any outfit, and it’s flexible for multiple occasions. You’ll wonder how you went so long without one. Be sure to go to a place that can fit your jacket to be flattering on your body.

Some people say you should always choose the shoes before knowing the rest of the outfit. That may or may not be how you want to decide on what to wear, but the sentiment stands: shoes are a crucial part of looking dapper.

Inexpensive shoes are easy to spot, and they’ll ruin a good outfit. Look for brands that are revered for their luxurious footwear.

When you have a great pair of shoes and a nice jacket, you’ll notice how much easier it is to style the rest of your outfit. Start with one of each, and then save up for your next one!

Find the Right Tailor

If there’s one way to spot a disheveled outfit, it’s if the clothes are ill-fitting. When you look for clothes, ideally it all fits perfectly. However, there are times when things need to be a bit more personalized.

That’s where a good tailor comes in. Not only will they be able to make your clothes fit perfectly, but you’ll be able to rely on them for any new items that need adjustment.

Look in the yellow pages or online listings, or gather some recommendations to find the right tailor. They’ll be able to adjust your pants, shirts, and suit coats to fit you like a dream.

If you’re worried about cost, look for an independent tailor. They’re more likely to give you a deal than the big tailoring shops.

Accessories Make the Outfit

Maybe you’ve tried a handful of different outfits on, and they look good but something is missing. When an outfit feels incomplete, the solution is almost always to bring in some accessories. This includes jewelry, but it can also mean hats, scarves, and even cuff links.

You can also switch out your usual accessories for something unique and new. For example, instead of wearing your usual tie, try a knit tie. You can check out these tips for how to style it.

Instead of choosing the usual gold jewelry, try something silver. It’s these small details that will transform you from casual to dapper.

Start small, start with a nice watch and then work your way up to newer accessories. The goal is to combine high-quality items with your own personal style.

Think about how many belts there are, of all different textures and colors. Plenty of them can make you look dapper, but you have to decide which one matches your personality and interests best.

How to Look Dapper

The way you dress is not only a reflection of character. It can also be a fun way to express yourself. However, it can be tricky to know how to look dapper, and that’s why doing the right research is important.

If you follow these handy tips and tricks, you’ll feel like an entirely new person. There’s even research done that ties happiness to the way you dress! If you don’t believe us, try it out yourself.


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