10 Complete Lies Fashion Girls Tell

via DailyMail

via DailyMail

Let’s admit it, there are a lot of lies girls tell when it comes to fashion. Tell us you haven’t tell any of these lies below….


1. It doesn’t have to be expensive or by a designer.

That’s a lie! Check her closet.


2. I’ll Be Ready In 5minsYou must be lying!

You haven’t even picked out what you’re wearing yet. Being fashionable late is always your thing.


3. I don’t follow trends.

Oh! Really? Why then are ‘how to wear a crop top’ at the top of your Google search list


4.  I hate Kim Kardashian.

Yet, you are following her on Instagram, Twitter, and now you’re looking for her official Facebook page to like.


5. I Got It On Sale.

If you got it on sale, great! But when I checked, the said item wasn’t on sale. Explain it please.


6. My Heels Are So Comfy
Why then are you looking for anywhere to sit down? Admit it, you’re in serious pain. We all know that even the most comfortable heels are not really comfortable.


7. I’m on a budget, no shopping next month.

That’s not true, we both know you’re getting those black Givenchy dress.


8. I’m not that high-maintenance.

I just need life’s essentials like food, water, and a Chanel Boy bag. Oh, and those Christian Louboutin stilettos.


9. I can’t remember where I bought this dress.

The dress is cute, and you would want to get it but your girlfriend ain’t telling you where she got it from. Obviously, she doen’t want you to copy her.


10. I have nothing to wear!

You mean nothing? Who owns all those stuffs in her closet.



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