These 7 Business-Women Wore Matching Metallic Swimsuits To Demonstrate Self-Love


It was Mandy Hale who once said: “self-worth is so vital to happiness.” And that “if you don’t feel good about you, it’s hard to feel good about anything else.” A group of career women consisting of five attorneys, one medical researcher, and an accountant have found a new way of demonstrating self-love. According to one of the women who spoke for the group, no one is programmed to compliment you on the regular that you just need to know how to love yourself.

“If you don’t remind yourself that you’re a queen or you’re brilliant, who’s going to do it?”  Eleanor “Cori” Curry told to Yahoo Lifestyle. “There’s no one just at home in the pocket waiting to say, ‘You look beautiful today.’ A lot of times, we get so caught up in what we think beauty is, and you have to be this size, or look this way. So you just forget to say, ‘I can only look the best I can look, and I should celebrate that, too.’”


Women Demonstrate Self-LoveBrandan J Zachery

Eleanor “Cori” Curry at the middle with friends.


Women Demonstrate Self-LoveBrandan J Zachery


As for the women, apart from family and work, which is on top of their list, traveling and spending time with the friends who empower and inspire each other is the secret to their happiness. In their own way of celebrating self-love, Curry, who’s the only one with children in the group invited other six women on a trip to Los Angeles for a photo-shoot. According to her, “these women are all like queens, and it’s important for us to remind ourselves.”

In a series of glam snaps shot by Brandan J Zachery, the 7 entrepreneurs wore sexy gold metallic swimsuits, which Curry described the pictures as ‘glamorous.’ Curry also encouraged that no matter what you do, self-love is all you need to practice all the time. “It’s just a reminder that you can be everything you want to be if you invest the time first in yourself,” she added.


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