12 Hottest Wedding Photography Trends of Today


Change is inevitable and that’s why there is really no one thing that stays forever. Fashion change, traditions change and some of the coolest wedding trends that were the real deal like twenty years ago might be outdated by now. Although some elements of the old soul photography are timeless, there come some new trends that you should try out during your wedding. If you are planning to have your wedding in 2019 or in early 2020, we have prepared you with some global wedding photography trends that you should be aware of and probably try out.

Bride to be!

The truth is the bride normally gets more attention during the wedding than anyone else. And because of that, why should she not get her solo photoshoot? A solo photo shoot is going to put more efforts on the bride and most details are definitely going to be captured. From the wedding dress to her hair to the flowers. The pictures are going to show the fantastic makeup of the bride.

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 The photos might not hold lots of emotional meaning but they have sentiments attached to them. Capture some moments of the bride and her friends and her family and some photos when she is all alone. The bride takes a lot of time to plan for the wedding and the photos will act as a reminder of how hard she worked for the day.

Bridesmaid shots

The getting ready photos should include the photos of the bridesmaids as they help the bride do her makeup or something like that. One of the most common trends is a picture of the bride with the bridesmaids and a picture of the groom with the groomsmen. Add some props like have the groomsmen wear sunglasses, it will make the photos look even more fun.

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Taking pictures this way is more fun than having a normal group photo. The photos will look more natural opposed to the fake smiles that most people put during a group photo.

And here comes the bride


The entrance of the bride is normally a very special moment and there is a new trend in 2019. A photo of the bride walking hand in hand with his father is the recent wedding trend that you might want to try out. There are also other trends such as the flower girls dressed in puffed up frocks and holding the flowers in a basket or holding fireworks on each side of the aisle, making the photo look even more magical. This will work out even more perfect when the bride and the groom are looking at each other for the first time. The trend of having the photo of the reaction of the groom after seeing the bride in the wedding gown for the first time is on the rise nowadays.

Proud parents

The bride walking down the aisle with her father is not the only intimate thing that the bride can do with the parents. Have some photos of father and daughter dancing or a groom and mother dancing which is also on the rise nowadays. Capture the emotional moments between the daughter and the mother and the reaction of the grandparents seeing the bride for the first time is another trend that is worth considering. Another trend that is worth considering is a pose of the father kissing the forehead of the bride.

Love in the air

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The trend of having drones capture pictures during the wedding is another trend that is very popular nowadays. The aerial photos capture all the people who are at the wedding and that’s something many couples want. As long as you are licensed to have a drone, you can make use of it.

Happy family

Just like it is cool to have the bridesmaid photos, it is also very important to have a family group picture. However, most family pictures normally look faked with some phony smiles and the family standing in a uniform pose. Instead of having the pictures taken formally, you can have them taken after the ceremony when everybody is relaxed. Candid pictures will be vital since everybody is relaxed so nothing will seem fake.

Go basic

While some couples prefer the most recent poses and everything, some like it traditional. Therefore, as a photographer, it is your job to ask the couple what they prefer the most. Traditionally, there were limited poses and no props used but lately, some people prefer it that way and it is a trend that you should be aware of. The most common one being a black and white wedding photo that gives it such a traditional look.

Picture perfect

Photo booths and prop stations are very common nowadays and that’s a trend you should be aware of. The concept was ideally for children but nowadays the adults are making good use of them. The props can even be made at home.

Furry guests

Well, there must be a pet which is held with ultimate respect in the family. It is a part of the family and it has become a trend to include the pet in the family photos during the wedding day.

Pre and post

This is another trend that is on the rise. If you have time and money, having a session before the wedding. It will give you a chance to interact with the photographer and be more comfortable before the wedding day. As a wedding photographer, you will get a chance to know the best angles for the shoot.

Motion ride

The idea of an array of normal photos combined to make a motion effect is also on the rise nowadays. It takes 15 to 25 photos to make such an effect.


Photos of the sun as a background are on the rise. The best time to take such photos is during a sunrise or a sunset when the light is kind of golden. It is one of the latest trends and couples are loving it.

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