Victoria Beckham Shows How To Achieve Her Sexy Go-to Makeup Look


Just as we can rely on Rihanna for her mastery in music, fashion, and beauty, Victoria Beckham is another multi-talented soul out there. Having dropped out of music, VB’s foray into fashion designing is paying off heavily, as you already know, and she’s making yet another groundbreaking entrance into the beauty industry. 

The fashion designer is launching a limited-edition makeup collection for beauty giant, Estée Lauder and she’s been teasing about the collection on her social media pages. Victoria Beckham, who’s commanding a large crowd of fans especially for her incredible sense of style, has released a new makeup tutorial dubbed as “Red Carpet Ready Eyes” to promote her new Estée Lauder beauty collaboration.

As she described the tutorial, VB said: “I’m gonna show you how to create the perfect, sexy, smudgy London eye,” adding that, “this is my go-to look, sometimes during the day, but most definitely when I’m on the red carpet.” 

If you’re anything VB’s fan or want to expand your beauty horizons, this 2:30 mins makeup tutorial is definitely for you. 




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