Women Are Officially Banned To Wear Leggings In Flight

It is a standard advice in the fashion world that women should wear whatever that makes one feel comfortable, confidence, strong, sexy. But according to a spokesman for United Airlines, Jonathan Guerin, some certain items of clothing which include Lycra and spandex leggings, tattered or ripped jeans, midriff shirts, flip-flops or any item of clothing that shows off undergarments are a breach of its dress code policy. 

The American airline headquartered in Chicago barred two teenagers who were boarding their flight on Sunday from Denver to Minneapolis after discovering the girls were clad in leggings. But reports has it that the jet-setters were eventually allowed to join the flight after making a quick change of outfits.

As Guerin narrated, passengers apparently, therefore, represent the company and are required to dress in a certain way, adding that the three girls were flying as “pass travelers”, a company benefit which allows United employees and dependents to travel for free on a standby basis. “It’s not that we want our standby travelers to come in wearing a suit and tie or that sort of thing,” Guerin said. “We want people to be comfortable when they travel as long as it’s neat and in good taste for that environment.”


Photo: Jadore-fashion!

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