Top 4 Travelling Tips For The Nigerian Fashionista

Every true fashionista in Nigeria know that infallible truth that fashion fades and style remains the same; and so most them have signatures looks that exude their personal style. They work towards expressing this style in their everyday looks. However, for most, when they have to travel, they find themselves faced with the challenge of pulling off the most fashionable look while imbibing their personal style in a new or foreign location.

It is certainly essential that anyone visiting a new destination blends into the environs as it is very helpful to discovering the place, meeting people and making memories. For the fashionista however, it goes beyond that, looking good while blending in is top priority.

From what to wear while travelling to the essential pieces to pack for the trip,, Africa’s No. 1 online hotel booking service provides 4 travelling tips for the Nigerian fashionista. Flip through the gallery to explore:



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