It Won’t Take You A Second To Know Tiwa Savage Is A Die-Hard Adidas Fan


As one of the most prestigious activewear bands in the world, millions of people wear Adidas every day. It’s the go-to label for people in the sporting industry and even one of the style weapons you’d always find hanging in a fashion girls’ closet. However, when it comes to the celebrity part of the athleisure brand, there are faithful fans and that includes runway girls like Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, and a slew of others. These women have a way of balancing out the 3 Adidas stripes not to look too prominent but of course, a die-hard fan like Tiwa Savage would rather take things to the maximum.




When we first spotted the singer wearing a head-to-toe Adidas, we had one question: is she wearing Adidas undies too? Well, it’s presumably a yes for Tiwa who, if throwing a glance at her picture will instantly confirm she’s an Adidas girl inside and outside. The mother-of-one completed with a pair of sunglasses and her long braids.



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