The Type of Lingerie Men REALLY Prefer According to New Report




Does it really matter to anyone the type of lingerie you should wear? Oh yes! According to Huffpost intriguing study, the type of lingerie men find most alluring on a woman happened to be the type of lingerie most women doesn’t seem to covet. That said, here at FPN, we are on the humble opinion that women should wear whatever they find comfortable and flattering irrespective of what others say – but modestly.

The report which was captured from a poll asking men what type of panties, bras and more they find most alluring, over 2700 men responded. And their result is what you’d never expect. According to the pull results, men prefers Push-up bras and Thongs to any type of lingerie. Their second option happened to be lace bralettes and cheeky panties. Check out the chart below and tell us what you think:






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