These Are Officially The 10 Most Used Words In Fashion This Year


As fashion people, everyday requires that we hit the internet whether on Google or fashion and lifestyle publications, to look for news updates or inspiration. These publications are largely made up of words or terms but which of these words could you have guessed to be the top most frequently used? As one might expect, ‘Statement’, Floral’, ‘Millennial’ made the list but the rest will certainly have you double-taking. 

According to the global fashion search engine, Lyst, ‘Power’, ‘woke’ and ‘statement’ were the top three fashion most used words, followed by ‘Floral,’ Millennial’, ‘Extra’, Masculine’, ‘Cult’, Ugly’, and Vegan. While it’s uncertain why a word like ‘Ugly’ or ‘Vegan’ sneaked itself into the list, it was possible to get this factual result after the fashion search engine giant analyzed the ‘text from over 30,000 articles written over the course of 2017, across 100 different online fashion and lifestyle publications.’

The report claims that ‘articles were broken down into their 8,610,630 component words, from which Lyst counted up the most frequently occurring combinations, and used sentiment analysis modeling to build a scale of the most important words of the year.’


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