The Must-Have Fashion Essentials For Your Exotic Getaway


Although the summer is slowly coming to an end, that is not enough reason for us to stop looking for new exotic places where we will spend our holidays. That is the great thing about exotic destinations — you can visit them any time of the year and you will still have a blast. However, one thing is for certain — you need to have cool and fashionable clothes.

If you are already going to invest in your exotic getaway, you might as well do so with your clothes. So, what are the fashion essentials for any exotic getaway? What are the must-haves in this case?

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Casual wear

First things first, let’s discuss your outfit during those casual days when you will not be swimming but also not going to fancy dinners and lunches. Bear in mind that most resorts (and since you are going to an exotic destination, you are probably going to be staying at a resort) have certain dress codes that you don’t want to break. The surest way to do this is by rocking casual wear – meaning comfortable jeans, capris or shorts with a classic polo shirt. You can never go wrong with this.

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There is probably not a reason to mention swimwear, as you are probably going someplace exotic only because of the possibility to swim in crystal-clear waters, but it is important to emphasize that you have to go with something quite fashionable. Going someplace exotic (where you will be taking hundreds of photographs for your Instagram feed) goes hand in hand with having swimwear of the latest fashion. This is why you should buy yourself fashionable high wasted bikini bottoms that you will pair up with a top and there you go! This is extremely trendy nowadays, and who knows – perhaps you will see an influencer there who will take a photo of you, and in this case, it is important to have good and fashionable swimwear! Also, do not forget a kimono or something of that sort as your bikini cover-up.

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Evening attire

On the other hand, you should have something fancy in your suitcase as well. The resort you are staying at will organize some formal and beautiful dinner parties or events, and it would be excellent if you showed up wearing something magically beautiful. If you want to pack your most beautiful dress – go ahead, you have our full support. You can also go with something simpler yet very elegant, such as a little black dress, which is a great option not only in this case but anytime. As far as the shoes are concerned, you can wear high heels if you want to, but only for these special occasions.

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For chilly nights

Exotic places are very often quite chilly in the night. This is the reason why every suitcase should have at least something that is long-sleeved, warm and cozy, plus something that you can use as a cover-up for your bikini. Bringing a hoodie is, for example, the best possible solution, as this can go both on shorts or jeans, and you can wear them with practically anything. Other options include kimonos or cardigans if that is up to your alley.

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Something for activities

And finally, do not forget to pack something for different activities that you will be choosing. For example, you might have a sports day, so it would be good to have shorts, a tee, and comfortable running shoes. You don’t have to bring plenty of sports clothes with you, a couple of pieces will suffice. You will make this decision based on the destination you are going to. You will not need hiking shoes for just any activity, for example. However, comfortable sneakers, comfortable shorts or running shorts and tank tops or t-shirts that you exercise in will do the work.

We don’t think you are not going to be fashionable enough on your exotic trip, but it is important to make sure you bring everything with you that you are supposed to bring. After all, it’s better being safe than sorry! Have a great trip!


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