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This Gorgeous Dress Is Made Out Of Balloons And Nylon

Studio24 is already known for their stunning photo shoots, but what you’re yet to find out is, the photography brand is in a serious business of creativity. Across the pond, H&M has introduced a stunning dress made out of recycled plastic collected from the shoreline and they’re underway in creating dresses made of cow poop, thankfully here we have Studio24 who are also good at insanely-gorgeous invention.

First, the brand introduced a dress completely made from newspaper and yesterday they released something very dreamy that will definitely blow you away. Actually, we don’t know what these guys are up to (debuting an unconventional collection soon, maybe), but as you can see the beautiful, chocolate skinned model flaunting, balloons and polythene were put to use to create the colorful piece. We are keeping our fingers crossed for their next installment. Stay tuned and keep scrolling to see both the stunning creation.


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