These 4 South African Celebs Will Make You Want To Go Short Hair

At first glance, these women look oh-so-gorgeous and sexy, no wonder why Amber Valletta once said, “women with short hair lace wigs are really sexy. There’s something liberating about freeing yourself from the norms.” You’ve worn long braids, tried different extensions and weave, but what about short hair? According to Helle Berry, “there’s a confidence that comes with wearing short hair” and we can instantly see that in these South African celebs. So, if you’ve been pondering whether to grab those scissors, please allow these beautiful women to inspire you. 


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Nandi Mngoma

With her sleek short hairstyle and darn pretty face, it’s easy to assume this South African musician is African Queen. Yes, she even confirmed that herself: “My name is Nandi, my parents named me after the African Queen Nandi and I do feel that I’m enjoying my life as a Queen would and should.” — she said.



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Zonke Dikana

We all know that women look beautiful in long hairstyles but what would you say about Zonke Dikana in her short ‘do? Ah-ma-zing, I guess. 

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Duma Dtando

Though is not for the faint-hearted but if you’re one of those women who thought going extreme with short hair will make you look ugly or stop that dude from dialing your number, you have to think again. And for the record, this photo isn’t from a movie scene, she’s living it IRL and she’s everyone’s favorite over in SA. 


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Gail Nkoane

Duma’s hair is too daring for you? How about this?





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