You’ll Be Surprised Why Rihanna Wears Oversized Clothes Sometimes


Of all the people on this planet, Rihanna is one of those superstars you could firmly say she has access to wear whatever she wants but just like every other woman out there, picking out what to wear in the morning is always a big challenge for the singer. While speaking with The Cut, the hitmaker opened up about her body type and the struggle with dressing it.

According to the fashion and beauty mogul, her choice of clothing is strictly dependent on her “fluctuating body type,” which she pays attention to before choosing any piece of clothing to wear. “I actually have had the pleasure of a fluctuating body type, where one day I can literally fit into something that is bodycon, and then the next day—the next week—I need something oversized,” she said. “I need a little crop here and a high-waist there to hide that part, you know?”

Rihanna Body TypeInstagram/badgirlriri


As you know, some women wear whatever wearable but in this case, Rihanna recommends that what works for your body is the best way to go. “I really pay attention every day when I go into the closet about what’s working for my body that morning. I feel like that’s how everyone should go after fashion, because it’s an individual thing,” she said. “And then, if you take it further, it’s like, ‘What week are you having?’ You having a skinny week? You having a fat week? Are we doing arms this week? We doing legs this week? We doing oversized?”

Rihanna Body TypeInstagram/badgirlriri


She also talked about silhouettes and as she aptly puts it, experimenting with different silhouettes could help you figure out what works best for you. “I love to play with silhouettes as well, but I think it’s important to make sure that you wear the thing that works for your body the best, and that’s flattering.”


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