8 Outfit Color Ideas You’d Love To Wear This Month


If sometimes it feels like you absolutely have nothing to wear while your closet is actually filled to the brim, you’re not alone. Like we have said in the past, deciding on what to wear every morning is one of the hardest things in the world, unless you’re a top figure where a team of stylists is paid to make the choice for you after a serious deliberation.

According to a study, “women spend 16 minutes every weekday morning deciding what to wear and around 14 minutes on a Saturday or Sunday morning.” But with our latest outfit color ideas, getting out of the door might be in a jiffy. The trick? Get a notepad and make a color checklist of what you’re going to be wearing every morning. Here, we’ve rounded up chic looks to inspire your next outfit color choice. 


1. Pink & white

Outfit Color IdeasPhoto unknown

Pink is actually one of the hottest color trends right now but take it to new heights with the addition of white.


2. Wine & white

Outfit Color IdeasJadorefashion


3. Blue & green

Outfit Color IdeasPhoto unknown


4. Yellow & blue

Outfit Color IdeasPhoto unknown


5. White & yellow


6. Purple & mustard

Outfit Color IdeasInstagram


7. Red & blue

Outfit Color IdeasInstagram


8. Soft pink & touches of brown

Outfit Color IdeasPhoto unknown


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