How To Use Olive Oil To Wash Your Makeup Brushes


We are not sure how often you wash your makeup brushes, but from the little we know, it is dangerous to use dirty makeup brushes on our skin and experts advise that to avoid contracting diseases such as bacterial, fungal, and staph infections, your brushes must be kept clean. In this case, finding the right cleanser to wash your brushes might be a tad-stressful job but thanks to the availability of olive oil which can easily be purchased at the nearest local store.

As you already know, olive oil is multifunctional and with antibacterial soup, lukewarm water, you can have your brushes looking clean and fresh. The steps to start? With a clean bowl already in place, pour a little amount of olive oil into it and immerse the brush (bristle-side down) slightly and slowly until it becomes wet. Massage or rub the brush gently against your soap until it is free from the clogging dirt. At this point, all you need is to rinse your brush. Grap your lukewarm water to rinse it, then wipe your brush with a paper towel as if you’re sliding down.

Note: ensure the water does not penetrate inside the brush where the bristles are glued to avoid them from falling out.


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