19 Nigerian Women Who Are Making Natural Hair Covet-Worthy


If you wake up in 2017 to see all the women wearing natural hair, do not be astonished, because 2016 is the groundbreaking for modern women who loves Natural things. After dominating the blogosphere and tutorial popping up on Insta feeds here and there, the 60’s and 70’s natural hair movement was also the highlight of Lagos Fashion Week (you remember?), earning the top spot as 2016 biggest hair trend.

While we always love to see women gliding in long, straight, waist-length glossy hair, they’re another set of women who deserves equal amounts of praise. And they call themselves Naturalistas, because, not only are they living the natural glam life, but they also advocate the beauty of natural hair. Which means, when they’re not expressing their hair journey, they find a way to make it covet-worthy, with the aide of chic, elevated and on point outfits. Sadly, after glancing through their images, you may want to ditch those hair extensions. Keep scrolling to see our favorite Naturalistas:



Eki Ogunbor @thechameleonblogger

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