This Is The Most Genius Technique For Drying Your Makeup Brushes

Ladies, let’s be honest, when was the last time you cleaned or washed your makeup brushes? In 2016? Or far back in January? There’s no need to feel bad if you fall into this category because we all are guilty.

There’s no denying a lot of women does not wash their makeup brushes and it is graspable if you have no idea how to dry them. But just so know, dirty makeup tools are dangerous for your skin, so let’s up our game by keeping things clean. That is why we were excited to see this amazing hack from Reddit about drying makeup brushes in the most genius way possible. 


Posted by a user (hey_im_allison) in the /r/MakeupAddiction subreddit, the Redditor revealed her own technique of drying her makeup tools and the possible way to make the drying quick. With the pictures, the Reddit user explained that she uses “hair ties to fasten [her] brushes to a bar for quick drying.” She also added a fan underneath to make the drying process faster but when other users saw it, they were enamored that the technique is the best way to dry your brushes, at the same time commented that adding a fan was unnecessary.  


“While I’m washing them I set them down on a towel while I finish washing the others, then I take the time to hang them!” the Redditor user explains. A commenter (sables1) adds, “I give mine several good shakes in the shower to expel excess water before hanging them up. They never drip.”

In addition, Allure points out this hack helps prevent erosion on your makeup brushes’ handles. You heard that right, ladies, no more excuses — it’s time to wash your own makeup tools.



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