Kylie Jenner Smartly Defeated A Windy Wardrobe Malfunction


Little dresses are chic, flattering, and even sexier than a crop top when paired with the right accessories but the short hemmed dress is pretty risky when Mr. Wind shows up. Take for instance Kylie Jenner, who went for a quick takeaway lunch in Los Angeles and was visited by a gust of wind which blew up her cute red dresses. But as smart as the beauty entrepreneur is, she was able to prevent what could have been a big wardrobe malfunction and thanks to her Spanx underwear:








Kylie wore a plunging red polka dress which she paired with a pair of black ankle booties. Whether you’re a pro at wearing short flimsy dresses or a starter, sometimes it can be awkward, so just like Kylie, it’s advisable to make spandex shorts your companion. 


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