Kim Kardashian Faces Backlash For Wearing A Mini Dress With Image Of Virgin Mary

Kim Kardashian is currently causing a major frenzy on the Internet. Yesterday, the reality star shared an animated image on her Kimoji Instagram page where she was not only transforming into Virgin Mary but her face was superimposed onto the mother of Christ and immediately her fans were angered, calling the act ‘disrespectful.’

But as if that wasn’t enough, Kim stepped out afterward in a super clingy skimpy mini dress with an image of the Virgin Mary placed in-between her chested assets. Kim, who is launching a makeup collaboration with sister Kylie Jenner looked unfazed, completing the revealing dress with a pair of barely-there sandals. 

Following the religious blasphemy, one commenter on Dailymail wrote: “I can’t type. I’m so offended by this I feel sick. Very sick.”

Another said: “Obviously she is trying to be provocative by wearing the Virgin Mary on her sheer mini dress, just as she is by placing her face on Virgin Mary. Maybe it’s a publicity ploy? Either way, it is tacky as I’ll get out, and another thing I am wondering is why whenever she steps out with her real hair lately these day’s, it is covered in a greasy gel?”

A third commenter who believe there’s always a repercussion in blasphemy added, “It’s clear she didn’t learn from Kanye’s breakdown. I warned on this site 4 years ago and at the height of Kanye’s blasphemy that he will experience something so bad that he will hate his existence. Guys no matter what you do, do not blaspheme. It’s unforgivable.”

Kim has a long history of causing internet drama, especially when it comes to her erratic fashion choices, hair transformation, and cosmetic indulgence. She may be crushing on Virgin Mary, so we just keep our fingers crossed as her new transformation unfold.

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