Kim Kardashian’s Christmas Hairstyle Is Not What You’d Expect


No matter the occasion, Kim Kardashian is renowned for standing out and what better way to ooze the so-Kardashian vibes this festive season than wear an unexpected hair color?

For what could possibly be odd for other celebs, Kim Kardashian wore a dyed ice blue bob while taking her children to a holiday party on Saturday night:

Kim Kardashian Icy Blue Christmas Hairstyle

And as if that wasn’t enough, the reality star also matched the hair to her ensemble which consists of a pair of sweatpants, bralette top, a jacket, and heel booties:

Kim Kardashian Icy Blue Christmas Hairstyle

Kim Kardashian Icy Blue Christmas Hairstyle

While the icy blue ‘do look undeniably refreshing on Kim who was previously known for her platinum blonde, she definitely appears to be feeling herself — and can you blame her? It Christmas, people — which means anything is possible.


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