We’ve Found The Proofs Why Every Woman Needs White Heels


Apart from the commuter white sneakers, white heels have never been on my wish-list, they don’t always look flattering in my eyes and I’ve never seen myself scoring style points while rocking them. I understand it sounds grossly unconventional but these are the misconceptions I’ve been living with since adulthood, even as a fashion girl. In fact, my shoe game can boast of an endless array of other colors except for white but after taking an attentive glance through the street style at the just-concluded New York Fashion Week Spring 2018, every woman seriously deserves a pair of white heels. 

There were one of the highlights of Spring 2018 shows at New York; from left, right, front and back, the style flocks were pounding the pavements in white heels with sexy shapes, proving the color is not only dangerously elegant but the classic white hue is still the cream of the crop when it comes to fashion. So, if you’ve ever been in doubt about wearing white heels or looking for how to dress them up, consider this edit your ultimate inspiration. Ahead, 19 images to make you consider this favorite hue next time you’re shopping:


How To Wear White HeelsStyle Du Monde


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