How Is Living In Lagos Really Affecting Your Style?


Living in Lagos can be interesting: Let’s say with so much good in it; the opportunities, much talent, and many things one can do for survival – it’s easy to see why Lagos is a favorite spot for most Nigerians. But sincerely, as a Lagosian when you unwind, perhaps in a cool evening to evaluate the other side of Lagos: the heat, thick traffic, super-busy, fast-paced lifestyle and every thing in between, you’ll realize that we in fashion are only left with limited options and a few special wardrobe tricks to help us just barely survive. But however, since the city is such a special place, its distinct effect on the dweller’s style cannot also be downplayed.

As a matter of fact, a lot of people who are living in Lagos can attest to the good and the ugly side of it. But whether its a land of milk and honey or the opposite, the truth is, being in a place that is boosting your account balance, there’s no other option than living. For this, we turned to 6 of our favorite Lagos-based fashion bloggers to spew out how living in Lagos changes their style – and here’s what they have to say. Click through to continue reading and tell us how living in Lagos really changes your style:

Deola Adebiyi-Fashion-Police-Nigeria-1 

 “Living in Lagos has taught me how to put together one outfit that works for several occasions/events. There are so many things happening in Lagos; you can go from a wedding to a cocktail party then to the club all in one day! Keeping that in mind, I try to wear outfits that works for every occasion.” – Deola Adebiyi (

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