New Study: Forcing Women To Wear High Heels At Work Is Harmful To Their Health


In as much as there are warnings everywhere, notifying how high heels affect the body, we’re not seeing women giving up the sexy shoes, not anytime soon or in this generation. The health effects associated with wearing high heels cannot be overemphasized. From causing muscle pain, ingrown toe nails, worsening of bunions to increase in knee and hip pain, and the list keeps going on and on. Although there have been similar reports in the past, the new study is specifically directed to employers at workplaces.

According to a new review by the researchers at Aberdeen University, published in the journal BMC Public Health, after examining a number of existing studies, “wearing high heels are associated with musculoskeletal pain, hypersensitivity vasculitis (HV) and first-party injury, including to children.” Dr. Heather Morgan, a lecturer at the University who led the research has said that the study is not to deter women from wearing heels but a notice to employers to take things into consideration.

“Of course we are not trying to tell anyone that they should or shouldn’t wear high heels but we hope this review will inform wearers to help them weigh up the health risks with social benefits, as well as putting pressure on law makers to toughen up legislation so that no one is forced against their will to wear them in the workplace or in licensed public social venues.”

In support of the study, the College of Podiatry calls on women not to adhere to employer’s strict rule of wearing heels following its health risks.

“In the 21st century, women should not be forced to wear high heeled shoes in the work place as part of a uniform. There is already a strong body of clinical evidence that indicates the medical and disabling effects of wearing a high heeled shoe over a prolonged period of time, and this study reinforces these facts.”


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