Women Are Shockingly Suffering Strokes After Visiting The Hair Salon


It’s no exaggeration to say the hair salon is another home for women — that’s where we get our hair dressed, braided, fixed and when it’s time for shampooing, it is absolutely impossible to avoid getting your hair washed. The worrying side effect of this is that the hair washing sink often leaves us with a sore neck. In fact, there are reports that it can go as far as causing strokes if using the sink that lacks effective neck support. 

Neurologists call it beauty parlor stroke — and after conducting a thorough research, it was discovered that salon sink reduces blood flow to the brain which has been found to have caused severe dizziness, imbalance, facial numbness, and paralysis in some women. According to Elizabeth Smith, she suffered the worse stroke a few days after visiting a Blowbunny Salon in San Diego for hair treatment. “I vomited, my head became hot and I couldn’t stand. I had weakness in my arms and legs. They didn’t think I was going to live,” She told ABC-KGTV. The report further claims that Smith “is now suing the salon for failing to adequately support her head during the shampoo.”

While this report may be shocking, it is advised you use a salon that has a sink with effective neck support.


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