Google Have Launched A Fashion App That’s Makes It Easy To Shop What People Are Wearing


Those irresistibly chic outfits you see every day on Instagram, Pinterest and fashion web-pages, Google is launching a new app called ‘Style Match’ that will make it possible to shop them online right away.

The new setup is part of Google Lens, where you get the real-time answers to the frequently asked questions about the world around you. According to the report, ‘Style Match’ is an image-recognition technology – which means it works by simply pointing your phone’s camera at a piece of clothing to have the search engine pull up either the item or something similar for your purchase through Google Shopping.

Apart from that, Google Style Match also allows you to shop your favorite home decor but this might not be a good news for iOS users as Google Lens is only available on Android phones and Google Assistant. So what’s not love about this app? It’s time to take those Instagram #ootds to another level.


Photo: Instagram!

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