This Genius Beauty Hack Will Save You A Lot Of Money

Do you always throw away the empty tube of your face cream when you feel nothing is coming out anymore? If yes, you might consider keeping it after reading this hack. When squeezing an empty tube of a cream and nothing seems to come out, it’s enough reason to discard the tube and buy another one, right? But a user on MakeupAddicts subreddit posted that you will save a ton of money if you could cut open the tube to reveal the remaining cream left in it. Callievee even went further to proof her point by cutting her empty makeup tube, revealing quite a great amount of cream.



“And this, ladies, is why you cut open your makeup/skincare when it’s not letting you squeeze any more out,” she wrote. “Look at how much of my okay eye cream is left!!” 

In fact, other users were on board with this genius hack, with some giving a more advanced technique. “Basically, you squeeze it on the sides to cause an air bubble in the tube and then grasp the end and shake, shake, shake,” GoFeedTheCat wrote. “The next time to use it, it comes out like it is brand new. It totally works!!!!”

As proven by Callievee, there’s no denying, the technique really works but from our own side, the cream can only be good for a one-time use as the penetration of air is inevitable.


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