Genevieve Nnaji Looks Amazing Without A Single Drop Of Makeup


Genevieve Nnaji Without MakeupInstagram/genevievennaji


Apart from our true inner beauty, someone once said, “you can only a get a clear picture of a beautiful woman when she has no makeup, no manicure, and no long flowing hair on.” And Genevieve Nnaji‘s is the epitome of that woman. In the age of slaying, beauty filters, and constant correction of one’s flaws, it’s refreshing to see a celebrity to not only share her “imperfections” with fans but also to remind them how important it is to embrace one’s natural appearance. 

The actress took to Instagram yesterday to share a no makeup image of herself, flaunting her natural hair, her ever glowing chocolate skin and all we can see in general is natural beauty. To even make the photo even very natural, she also went bare nails. Although this isn’t the first time Gene is celebrating authenticity, this new image is a complete definition of goals. 



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