13 Fresh New Color combinations To Start Wearing Now

There are some things all of us can admit that we all are guilty of and one of them is standing in front of the wardrobe while pondering at the right color combo to wear so as to avoid breaking the rules. It’s no secret a creative color combo is a great impact to a look, but IRL style has no rules and style stars like Rihanna, Victoria Beckham and a slew of others have, over the years, raised their status just by breaking the rules. Case in point: While the standard color advice recommends navy blue as the best color for a suit to wear to a job interview because it inspires confidence, there are tons of job seekers who get picked annually wearing out of the norm. But that does not mean it’s okay to clad in an all-black look to a job interview — you’d likely get an instant disqualification. 

It is hard to deny that all of us on occasion find ourselves in a color rut when deciding what to wear in the morning. The blue top and black bottom or the checkered and printed top are becoming synonymous with your name and everyone in your office can predict your next outfit color. It shouldn’t be that way as a style enthused woman. Yes, it’s 2017 — a year of change, that is why we’re turning to the street style at the Fall 2017 fashion month for the noteworthy colors. From NYFW, London, Milan, to Paris, there were endless outfit inspiration, inventive styling, bright and mood-lifting color combination. If you’re like us, you’d pin this images to your style archive for when the occasion calls. Keep clicking for the 13 colors to wear now.




Red + Pink + Orange

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