These 5 ‘Fat’ Black Women Has The Best Way To Embrace Their Beauty


If you’re a fat woman whether white or black, you should know being plus-size is a real struggle. These women are often fat-shamed, rejected, and underrepresented, especially in the media and fashion industry. Have you not heard about the countless times Ashley Graham campaigned for body diversity and inclusion in the industry? Just of recent, she called out Rihanna for ignoring curvy women even after proving she’s catering to every woman in her Fenty Beauty collection. According to Graham, a true diversity shouldn’t just be limited to skin tone. “I was at Fenty, and that was an amazing show. But how dope would it have been to see some curves on the runway?,” she told Yahoo! Beauty in an interview.

However, the struggle for body positive continues and as these five women captioned one of their photos on Instagram, “We are everything the world hates. Fat. Black. Woman. And yet, we exist. Unapologetically and without shame. F*** you. We love on ourselves.”

Shot by Anthony Gebrehiwot, in a series of photos to beef up their self-confidence, the five women teamed up and celebrated their beauty in the best way possible. Here there are looking beautiful in matching white outfits:


Fat Women Embrace Beauty Anthony Gebrehiwot


Fat Women Embrace Beauty Anthony Gebrehiwot


According to one of them, TiKa who’s a singer in Canada, “I had a vision of black women around me singing alongside me, she told Yahoo Style. But I wanted them to look like me as I’ve never seen fat black bodies together dressed in all white. It’s so angelic and beautiful and soft. So I asked my beautiful fat femme sisters to join me.”

Adding to the statement, her friend Ruddock also said that “Being a black woman who is also a fat woman, I relate heavily to the struggles that women of the same community deal with. I wanted to be a part of anything that spoke to those women and encouraged those women. Representation still lacks in the media for fat black women. ”

There were also asked about their inspiration behind their heart-pounding caption and as TiKa puts it, fat women happen to be what world devalues. “I’m black. I’m a woman. I also happen to identify as queer and I’m fat, she said.  We’re living in a very political time, and I just so happen to be all of the things that the world devalues or hates. This photo shoot was a major ‘f*** you’ to anyone and everyone who has ever tried to invalidate me. I’m a human being and I matter just like everyone else. I was grateful to have friends who were brave enough to stand with me.”



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