A New Study Reveal Fashion Designers Has Better Vision Than The Rest Of Humans


You already know fashion designers (aka dressmakers or tailors) are creative people but did you know there also have better vision than the rest of humans and even what is called stereoscopic vision? According to a new study from the University of California, Berkeley, one of the many perks of being a dressmaker is a better vision because not only can you focus on one point and aim at it but it helps to improve your stereoscopic vision — which is “the brain’s ability to translate the two-dimensional images received by each eye into a three-dimensional world.”

As Yahoo Style reports, after the public research university studied and tested stereoscopic vision in a group of professionals using computerized perceptual tasks, they revealed that dressmakers had the best vision in the group. Interestingly, 80% of the professionals had “more accuracy at calculating the distance between themselves and the objects they were looking at” while 40% had “more accuracy at estimating distance between objects than their non-dressmaker counterparts” 

“We found dressmakers have superior stereovision, perhaps because of the direct feedback involved with fine needlework,” Adrien Chopin, lead study author and a postdoctoral researcher in visual neuroscience at UC Berkeley, told EurekAlert.

So, what are you thinking of right now? Enrolling in some dressmaking academy or feeling “Happy” like Pharrell Williams? 


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