You Are Beautiful The Way You Are — Photographer Captures 40 Images Of Real Women To Improve Body Image

Are you one of those women who is struggling with poor body image? Or does negative body thoughts engulf you when you look in the mirror? With the everyday Instagram images of toned abs models, there’s no denial you would want to look like them, but with the New Year in full swing, to live a happy and healthy life, stop comparing yourself and focus on what needs to be focused. For that reason, a Canadian photographer, Emily Lauren, who is a mother-of-one has photographed the images of than 40 women of all shapes and sizes in their underwear to promote body positivity in her soon-to-be-released book —  ‘Average Girl: A Guide to Loving Your Body.’

According to her, “Instead of focusing on what women need to do to “improve” their bodies, I want to prove that we are beautiful the way we are.” In addition, she said, ”the book is a must have for any girl who feels their body doesn’t quite fit into society’s standards’ But in the meantime, while expecting the book, click through to see some images that will surely boost your body image.



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