This Drag Queen Becomes The First To Be Featured In Women’s Lingerie Campaign


In recent years, there’ve been some serious attempts to close the diversity gap both in fashion and beauty industry. In the wake of that,  models of different shape & sizes, culture, races, and abilities can somewhat boast of a feature in runways shows, campaigns and everything in-between. That is why it becomes news newsworthy to see an acclaimed drag queen featured in women’s lingerie campaign

Having known for cross-dressing and in the era where gender norms are being challenged, Violet Chachki of RuPaul’s Drag Race has become the first drag queen to land a major lingerie campaign. Chachki has already mastered the art of women’s fashion, so in this campaign for London-based lingerie brand Playful Promises, he’s knocking it out of the park and proving underwear is of course, for everyone.


Drag Queen Violet Chachki Lingerie CampaignAnna Swiczeniuk/Playful Promises


Drag Queen Violet Chachki Lingerie CampaignAnna Swiczeniuk/Playful Promises


The Atlanta-born is super elated to represent the Drag community and more so break into the industry that was never reserved for Drag queens. “It’s so gratifying to be accepted into a world that I never thought a drag queen would be accepted into,” Chachki told Bazaar.

According to him, the industry needs more visibility and variety and taking the risk by also working with gender non-conforming people will sail the industry to the right direction. “There’s so many different identities out there and I think they all deserve some visibility,’ he said. “Showing variety in representation in casting is super important, it gives minorities a platform and I think it definitely creates a safe space for conversation and progress.”


Drag Queen Violet Chachki Lingerie CampaignAnna Swiczeniuk/Playful Promises


“It’s about taking risks. I mean, casting gender non-conforming people in campaigns and editorials and on covers of magazines is a risk for any business because there’s going to be controversy, but I think they need to take the risk and believe they’re moving in the right direction,” Chachki added.


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