Chika Ike Needs Your Advice On The Lipstick That Looks Best On Her


Choosing what to wear or finding the right color for your skin is harder than looking for a husband. Some days are more challenging than others and sometimes the mirror does not help matters and it’s during those moments that you need someone to tell you ahmassing, as Chika Ike can surely attest.

After having had some kind of difficult indecision whether to wear red or nude lipstick, the actress yesterday posted a picture with a caption, asking her 1.2million followers if they could decide the lipstick hue for her. “Nude or Red lipstick? I can’t decide …help me decide,” she wrote.  


Chika Ike Nude LipstickInstagram/chikaike

Just some seconds after posting the picture, comments started pouring in and while red lipstick will always remain a classically romantic hue, which some fans suggested for her, most of them advised the actress to go with nude and some even gave their reasons:

“Nude is cool and natural but the red lipstick brings out the beauty already in you in short both brings out the beauty in you cos u are naturally pretty,” one commenter wrote.

“Always in love with nude… There is something about its makes you look effortlessly beautiful!” Another one added.

“Nude always wins….but depends on what you wearing.”

And of course, there were those who said both colors are one point:

“You are beautiful in both, I go with red anyway.”

“Both are nice and lovely…”


“Both fit u soo much @chikaike”

Interesting. But if you’re to join the committee of advisers, which hue would you choose for Chika? 


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