You Need To Know The One Thing That Makes A Bag Looks Cheap

When shopping calls for the perfect handbag that can elevate a rather simple outfit, do you just get drawn by the beauty without examining the features? It’s no secret a cheap handbag can instantly downgrade a look which is why is recommended to pay attention to details when making purchases. To that end, the amazing guys at Who What Wear tapped an expert, Paulina Liffner von Sydow, to fill them in for what to avoid or what makes a bag look cheap. Paulina clearly points out on excessive hardware. According to her, “Too much shiny hardware and chains that don’t have the right weight in the hand definitely make a bag look and feel cheaper to me.”  

And giving a hint on an expensive-looking bag, Paulina also added that “materials are key when it comes to creating a luxurious look and feel to a bag. If the leather is beautiful, you are halfway there!” So, ladies, your next shopping you know what to look for. 




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